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I was born in Milan (Italy) in 1966. Descended from an artist family, I found myself from the age of 16 pretty quickly taken up in the family’s graphic design enterprise, illustrating children’s books, cartoon strips, season’s greetings and so on… In 1995, in pursuit of a deeper meaning to life, I settled in India for the next 27 years.

From then onward, in constant search of the beauty, joy and truth hidden behind ordinary life, I developed my own style, mainly drawing my inspiration from daily life, nature and the epic poem “Savitri” by Sri Aurobindo, a tale of the search for a truth that is All-Love (click here to see my work on Savitri).

Exploring various art mediums, like paintings on stone, canvas, but also cartoons, animations, illustrations on ipad pro, I published more than 40 books and short animation movies, and participated in many environmental, social and educative projects. I published several titles with Tara Books India, one of which won an award in the United States. For the list of my publications, please click here. And here for an exhaustive overview of my capacities.

Nowadays, I live in French Brittany and am plunging anew in the world of postcards, trying to bring depth and lightness, poetry and joy with a pinch of humor in my work.


Illustrations on ipad pro (Procreate and Fresco Apps)


Vector images

Animation, GIFs

If you are interested in purchasing some images for licensing, don't hesitate to contact me. I also can take up new orders, make modifications to existing images, and I can always find a way to make it work to your liking.

I can provide various formats and sizes of images , up to very large size for Wall Art.

For availability of images, according to country and products, contact me.

Phone and Whatsapp: +330782391610


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